Trail Talk: Avid Trails at Trilogy Ocala Preserve

Over the last year the Avid team has had the pleasure of planning, designing and building a unique multi-use, multi-surface community trail system for Trilogy at Ocala Preserve, a 625 acre 55+ Active Adult community in Ocala, FL. What was originally planned as an almost entirely hard surface trail system now includes various trail types, different trail widths, and a variety of destinations, both passive and active, along the way. While there are still a few phases left to build before the system is complete, we thought it would be good to check in with the Trilogy team and see how things are going so far.

To get the scoop, we got in touch with Michael Fraley, Area VP for Shea Homes®, and asked him some questions about the Trilogy at Ocala Preserve Avid Trails system.

Avid Trails: Michael, thank you for taking the time to chat today about Avid Trails and the Trilogy® at Ocala Preserve Community. We are eager to hear how the trails in Ocala have benefited members of your 55+ community and learn how they’re using the system, so let’s jump right in.

Avid Trails: Why do you think Avid Trails is a good fit for Trilogy at Ocala Preserve?
Michael: Well, I think one of the things that sets us apart, is that a core tenant of the Trilogy Community is incorporating health and wellness into our members’ daily routines. Trilogy is extremely committed to enhancing lives, and we strive to make many different activities available for our community members. Providing amenities and opportunities to be active outdoors, enjoying the Florida sunshine year-round is an important part of our mission. Working with Avid Trails to further enhance our trail system with multiple trail types, a variety of surfaces and innovative outdoor fitness elements to really deliver on those tenants was an obvious fit for us.

Avid Trails: Why do you think exploring the Avid Trails at Trilogy is a such a great activity for your 55+ crowd?
Michael: There are quite a few reasons why it makes sense for this demographic. The biggest one, however, has to be that there is a little something for everyone. The trails are available for users of all ages and abilities. Our Community prides itself on offering a wide range of activities for the 55+ crowd that are fun and engaging like tennis, golfing and kayaking. Avid Trails fits in really well here with the variety of trails and the Avid FitPod™. Its box jumps, stair set, pull-up-bars, balance beam, and even rock-climbing wall allow our community members to stay fit and keep moving in ways that are comfortable for their individual needs and abilities. Our Afturburn fitness program, which combines high-intensity interval workout, personal training and small group fitness to create a fun, challenging workout appropriate to the individual member integrates really well into the AvidFitPod, too. Adding this variety keeps the workouts fun and different, which is something our members appreciate. Just as important, the trails and the FitPod are a great place to just socialize and stroll no matter who you are.

Avid Trails: How about the rest of the Exploration Trails system and 200m track? How are members incorporating them into their lives?
Michael: The Exploration Trails system is awesome! Our members really do enjoy it. I think one of the aspects of the trail system that is most advantageous for our members is the fact that it features different types of trails and activities for people of all abilities. It really depends on the level of activity that each member is looking for. Some members gather at these spaces just to socialize. Others meet up to get a workout in. The 200m rubberized run/walk trail around the FitPod is great for interval training and sprints, but also perfect for sore joints due to the extra cushioning. It doesn’t beat the knees up like harder surfaces can. The trails are conveniently accessible from any neighborhood, making it easy to get out and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful open space. If you’re not looking to do a workout on the rubber trail, the Garden and Nature trails are a beautiful crushed stone surface that offers a peaceful, serene and relaxing experience. There truly is something for everyone.

Avid Trails: I’ve also heard a lot of members like to bring their dogs out on the trail with them?
Michael: Yup! That is correct! Dogs are allowed on many of the trails which is really great because for many members, walking the dog and exercising are activities that can easily be combined. It’s a very popular option.

Avid Trails: And what about biking? Are your members riding their bikes on the trail system?
Michael: Absolutely! Biking is a great exercise choice for active adults. Some people find that it puts less pressure on the knees than running, so it proves to be a great alternative. Our members can use their bikes on most of the available trails, allowing them to get their exercise in while basking in the incredible weather!

Avid Trails: Well, sounds like Trilogy residents are making the most of their trail system. Thanks again Michael for taking the time to talk to us. Learning more about how Avid Trails and Trilogy are benefiting your members has been really awesome. We’ll see you on the trail!

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