Avid Bike Parks

We like bikes.

Dust off your trusty BMXer, dirt jumper, MTB or any other bike, scooter or skateboard for that matter, and get ready to roll. Avid Bike Parks are the most fun you can have on wheels.

Pump Tracks.

What’s a pump track you ask? For starters, it’s about the coolest thing you can put in your community. A pump track is a specially designed course for riding your bike. It’s loaded with fun berms, rollers, twists, turns, ups, downs, and the idea is to propel yourself without pedaling. Simply compress and unload your body weight like a spring, and you’ll be a pump track master in no time.

Skills Features and Obstacles

As part of an Avid Bike Park, we design and build custom features to practice bike handling skills. They go by funny names like log skinnies, teeters, rock gardens, balance bridges, step ups, drop zones, and log overs. They are just right for all ages and abilities, and frankly, they look pretty cool.

Single Track and Flow Trails.

We love designing and building fun and flowy singletrack trails. Almost as much as your residents will love riding them. A properly built singletrack will have them weaving in and out of trees, up and down rollers, and flying around banked berms with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.