Backyard Dreams: Building a backyard Pump Track in NJ

The Avid Crew recently got a call from a New Jersey homeowner looking to build a backyard pump track, and after talking a bit, we jumped at the chance to help this super cool family of cyclists and BMX racers bring their backyard dreams to life. Located in a beautiful suburban neighborhood of Annandale, NJ, the family knew it had to do this thing right. In fact, they’d already spent countless hours reading the Lee Likes Bikes Welcome to Pump Track Nation how-to book and designed a really neat track, along with giving tons of thought to landscaping in order to keep the neighbors happy.

After a quick site visit and meeting, we agreed to jump in and help move things along. A few weeks later, putting in time between other projects and site visits, with the help of Rick (the rad dad/homeowner who came up with this idea to begin with), we ended up with an awesome pump track. We knew things were good with the neighbors when their kids started flooding the property on their bikes ready for their turn on the new neighborhood bike playground.

Here are some photos from the build. Note that we weighed our options for a surface material and landed on crusher run (3/4 minus crushed stone) due to the ease of shaping and ability to compact. Knowing it might not hold up that well in the NJ weather, we decided to go with a stabilizer product which will be laid down in the next few days. Can’t wait to see the kids cruising once it’s 100% complete.

Here are some photos and a quick video of how things came together.


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