Avid Fitness

Avid Fitness.

The Avid Trails mission is to keep people moving. That’s why we’ve created a unique set of custom designed Avid Stations, Pods, activities and adventures to make your trails even more fun and challenging along the way.

Avid Stations.

Avid Stations are expertly designed exercise structures designed for group training or solo workouts. Stations are typically spaced along a trail at appropriate intervals, making a walk or run between stations part of the workout. We create them in partnership with certified personal trainers, and each unique station offers dozens of exercises and options for functional movement. They’re also a fraction of the cost of building an expensive indoor gym, and a ton of fun. Scroll down to see more Avid Stations below.

Avid Fitness Pods.

Avid Fitness Pods are the perfect exercise solution for tight spaces. We combine a series of stations within a single footprint, and feature a durable, soft rubber floor surface. Structures are designed and placed for optimal group fitness movement and flow.

Avid Boot Camp.

An Avid Bootcamp is a great way to activate your trail system, and keep your residents healthy and having fun. We’re proud of our associations with personal trainers and fitness experts, and can help set up ongoing Avid Bootcamp or outdoor group fitness classes in your community.

Avid Adventure.

Get ready for a family day of fun and adventure for all ages. The Avid Adventure is a mash up of challenges, obstacles, puzzles and route finding. Along the way, participants run, bike, paddle or walk to complete as many challenges as they can before the clock runs out. They can compete in teams, as a family or do it solo. At the finish line, Avid Adventurers gather for food, drink, music and awards. It’s also a great way to show off your community to new prospects. Contact us today if you’re interested in hosting an Avid Adventure in your community.

Some of our Avid Stations.

Click on any of the stations below for a list of exercises and activities.

Sculpt Station™
Band Together™
Push Up Circle™
Bar Graph Boxes™
Slow & Steady™
Hammock Garden
The Nest™
Up & Over™
Push-Pull Pavilion™