Avid Fit Pod™ Opens at Trilogy Ocala Preserve

55+ is the new fit. Avid FitPod opens at Trilogy at Ocala Preserve.

Ok, we admit it… we wondered how residents of a 55+ neighborhood would react to an outdoor, functional fitness playground being built in their community. Complete with box jumps, a stair set, dip bars, TRX rigs, pull-up bars, low hurdles, a balance beam and even a rock climbing wall, the Fit Pod definitely could have been a bit intimidating. But we knew that Trilogy is committed to enhancing lives through providing fitness opportunities, and that their members are recognizing the importance of moving every day and staying active. We met with their team, worked with their Afturburn fitness trainers and decided to create the FitPod.

And we’re glad we did. About 10 minutes into the grand opening event our concerns were put to rest. Community members, prepped by Trilogy’s new Afturburn fitness program and driven to live long, healthy, active, mobile lives, were eating up the challenges provided by their new Fit Pod.

Box jumps? No problem. At least two members busted out the 30″ box.

Pull ups? We got ’em. Assisted, unassisted. Either way.

Bouldering wall? Scaled easily. Dress shoes, running shoes, no shoes. Doesn’t matter.

Turns out the FitPod was a hit. Around 65 community members showed up to give it a try – from spry 50 somethings to residents in their 80s, the pod delivered fun, functional activities for everyone. And that’s just how we designed it: fun, inviting, aspirational, functional, active, engaging, exciting, challenging and effective.

Following the grand opening, Trilogy’s Afturburn fitness staff will begin integrating the pod into their ongoing fitness programming as a compliment to the indoor facilities. Residents will participate in personalized, group and individual fitness at the Pod, something not available in any other active adult community in the country. Our team is proud to partner with Trilogy and pioneer this new type of fitness amenity and programming in their communities.






The Avid FitPod™ is open

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