Avid Bike Park coming to Bexley by Newland Communities in Tampa

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Dust off your trusty BMX bike, dirt jumper, mountain bike or any other bike, scooter or skateboard for that matter, and get ready to roll because we just broke ground on the first Avid Trails Bike Park in the country at Bexley by Newland Communities in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.

One of two bike parks planned for Bexley, this Avid Bike Park will include an intermediate to advanced pump track, beginner pump track, bicycle skills loop and skills practice area for residents and community members to hone their bicycling skills while getting a workout.

The Avid Bike Park at Bexley is the first pump track in Pasco County, FL, located approximately 20 miles north of Tampa. Even better, the Bexley pump track will be asphalt, making it less susceptible to closures due to weather and rideable for not only bikes, but skateboards and scooters, too.

For those of you not familiar with the concept, a pump track is a compact and relatively small looping trail system or track that can be ridden continuously without pedaling. They are designed so the rider can utilize momentum and features on the track to “pump” their way around the track’s tight rollers and bermed corners at whatever speed their skill level allows.

Along with being a surprisingly good workout (Don’t believe us? Just wait), pump tracks are incredible skill building tools for all riders. The Avid Bike Park at Bexley is specifically designed to help a rider progress their skills by working their way from the beginner to advanced pump tracks, while also honing bike skills on the skills loop and practice area. As you get better, your speed will pick up and you might be able to complete lap after lap without pedaling at all. You’ll also begin to complete creative transitions and try new lines to keep things interesting.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Avid Bike Park at Bexley including a special announcement on the pump track construction company we partnered with to bring the facility to life.

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