About Avid Trails

Our Mission.

Our goal is to increase connectivity, improve health and promote well-being through thoughtfully designed trail and fitness systems. In short, it’s our job to get people outside to have fun, get fit and be happy.

What’s an Avid Trail?

As the #1 preferred amenity for community residents for over 20 years, we know how important trails are to any development project. Our team works with master planned community developers, cities, rec departments, trail organizations and non-profits to help design, plan and construct fully integrated trail systems.

We provide a turn-key solution, from design, planning and permitting through construction and launch, even marketing, events and programming. We’d love to talk to you about how your community can be Avid.

Walk, hike, bike, or run, Avid Trails are designed to appeal to a wide variety of users; from casual walkers to competitive runners to hardcore mountain bikers. Whatever your activity of choice, Avid Trails are designed to get you moving.

Avid Trails are:


Each Avid Trail loop and segment is rated based on terrain, obstacles and other factors so you can decide which route is right based on fitness experience.


Walk, hike, bike, or run, Avid Trails systems are designed to appeal to a wide variety of users; from casual walkers to competitive runners or hardcore mountain bikers.

Obstacles & Challenges

Avid Trails includes first-of-their-kind exercise features called Avid Stations™ designed to make your experience more challenging and rewarding.


Not everyone is a trail rat or exercise guru, so Avid Trails helps connect you with local trainers and fitness experts to help guide you every step along the way.

Integrated System

An Avid Trails system starts with a trails master plan that is designed to insure your trails are fun, efficient and a pleasure to use no matter what your activity of choice may be.

Digitally Connected

Each Avid Trail is featured on our website, providing downloadable maps, information about the trail, a list of featured Avid Stations with exercise demonstrations and workouts.

Trails by Trails People

We’re a team of walkers, hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers and marathoners that understand and addresses the diverse needs of all trail users when completing a project.


We agree that pretty much all trails are awesome, but our team cares deeply about making the Avid Trails experience one that really makes users smile. So get out there and have some fun.

Our services.


• Trails Master Plan
• Site study
• User study
• Connectivity study
•Trail typology and surfaces
• Implementation plan
• Signage and wayfinding design
• Construction drawings and documentation
• Grand and fund sourcing
• Cost estimating and budgeting


• GIS mapping
• Existing trail audits and cataloging
• Trail map design and production


• Field design
• Trail and alignment flagging
• Complete construction services for trails, bike parks, fitness stations
• Project management
• Vendor supervision
• Maintenance programs


• Marketing maps and literature
• Avid Trails resident welcome kit
• Avid Trails Field Guide
• Avid Adventure
• Avid Bootcamp
• Social media promotion

Avid Trails for everyone.

Master Planned Community Developers

From large-scale residential master planned communities to boutique second home communities, we can plan and build an integrated system that works for your project.

Cities and Municipalities

Our work in the public sector includes cities, counties, parks departments, special service districts, and state and federal land management agencies.

Resorts, Hospitals, Universities and Corporate Campuses

We are uniquely qualified to integrate multi-use trails and walking paths into the amenities and programming mix of hospitals, resorts and other institutional development projects.

Trails & Open Space Advocacy

The Avid Trails team is available to support appropriate trails & open space advocacy organizations in their efforts to secure land, plan systems and build them on time, within budget.

Some of our clients.

The Avid Trails executive team.

Justin Lax

Whether putting in miles on his cross country mountain bike, bombing over big rocks at the occasional enduro or downhill event, racing in the woods on his dirtbike or just enjoying a good ol’ fashion hike, Justin believes life is better on the trail. After getting into mountain biking a few years ago and spending tons of time traveling all over for real estate projects, he knew that bringing better trails to communities across the country was something worth pursuing. As President of Avid Trails, Justin is leading the charge to put more miles of trails, bike parks and outdoor exercise amenities on the ground. He is actively involved in planning, design, construction and project management, all while spreading the message about getting outside to have fun and get fit on the trail. Justin is a full member of ULI.

Troy Duffin
Technical Director

Troy Duffin is a bonafide trail advocate, designer, builder and user, having built over 600 miles of trail in his career. For nearly twenty-five years, Troy has been planning and constructing the most unique trail systems in the United States. An avid hiker and mountain biker himself, Troy has served as a citizen activist and advisory board member of the Truckee Trails Foundation (CA), as Executive Director of the Mountain Trails Foundation (UT), President of the rapidly growing Professional Trail Builders Association and on the board (and as board Chair) of the nation’s preeminent trails organization, American Trails. His numerous accolades include the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s (IMBA) Trail Hero Award. Troy is a longtime member of the Professional Trailbuilders Association.

Jay Hoeschler
Design Director

A lifelong athlete, hiker, outdoorsman and designer, Jay Hoeschler is the perfect fit for his role as Avid Trails partner, trail designer and creative director. Along with spending his childhood exploring Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, Jay has competed in triathlons and open water swim races for over 15 years, thru-hiked the 200+ mile John Muir Trail in California’s beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains, hiked to the summit of Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes, and spent a lifetime roaming our National Parks. Combining his lifelong love of design and the outdoors, Jay is instrumental in the design and planning of Avid Trails, fitness stations and features, along with spearheading all branding, marketing and advertising work for the company. Jay is a full member of ULI.

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